Have you been experiencing muscle pain? Have you recently had a sports-related injury? Did you slip and fall in the rain and now you feel as though you don’t have full mobility? These are all great reasons a person in the Hollywood, FL area may consider using a physical therapist. Here we’ll take a look at what physical therapy Hollywood, FL can help with so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Recovery and Prevention

A physical therapist is a great option for people of all ages who need help recovering from an injury and who need help preventing future injuries. These injuries could be a result of an accident of some sort, a sports-injury, or trauma that caused injury.

For people who live in chronic pain on a daily basis a physical therapist can also help to relieve that pain and make their daily life more comfortable and manageable.

Some injuries and problems require a whole team of specialists to help with your rehabilitation. This means your therapist may also be working with your doctor, a social worker, a speech therapist, a nurse, a psychologist, or maybe an occupational therapist.

The Most Common Uses

The top reasons that people head to a physical therapist are to relieve pain that they are suffering from, learn how to properly exercise and work the joints that are affected, and get an individualized approach. By seeking out the services of a physical therapist you can actually shorten the length of time needed to recover from an injury.

For some patients physical therapy can also help them avoid surgery. If they aren’t able to avoid it, the therapy can help them to recover from the surgery much faster.

Can Be Used by Anyone

What’s so great about physical therapy is that because it’s an individualized approach, it can be used by any one of any age, even kids.