What Buddhists do?

Being ordained as a Buddhist monk, layman or laywoman should cultivate wisdom. They should learn about causes of suffering and know how to be free from it. Monks are not ordained to earn a living or for pleasures. Buddha said you develop and gain wisdom from observing your body and mind.

The cycle of physical rebirth is never ending. How not to be reborn again? How to avoid ageing, illness and death? Buddha said that rebirth does not come from external factors, but from your own early circumstances. The insight meditation (Vipassanā) that we are doing is the same as the four foundations of mindfulness.

We start of mindfulness by walking, sitting and knowing movements of the body.

We all think that our body is for pleasure, then we are obsessed with our own body. It is called Supavipalass.

When your mindful, you will be able to consider that your body is an unattractive thing Asuba (Unattractiveness of body is called Asuba).

We cannot cross a wide river without a bridge or a boat. When we have a boat, we still need the river for travelling to the other side. It is similar to how to be happy in you life forever. You have to go through all suffering (which is like the river) first to achieve happiness when you reach the other side, i.e achieve you goals in life.

Life can be happy or unhappy depending on what you can perceive from seeing or listening to things around you. If you can manage viewing things around you in a positive way, it is called Magga: the path leading to the cessation of suffering if you view things in a negative way it will cause you suffering, this is called Samudaya. The cause of suffering Dhamma is a natural of existence and non-self Anattā. Nothing controls it, it occurs by cause and effect, i.e. causality. This feeling is non-self Anattā. When you cannot fulfil your desires, suffering arises.

The “Rising” and “Falling” you notice by putting your hand on your abdomen and feel it go up and down. Some people think “rising” and “falling” is just a mental state. People do not know what rising and falling exactly means and how to do it. When you breath in as your abdomen is going up this is called “rising”. When you breath out as your abdomen is going down this is called “falling”.

This is how to be with the present, and not only thought.

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