Do we have suffering?

Generally, do we have suffering (Dukkha)?

Unhappy from the time we wake up. Unhappy because of sleep problems. 

Have you seen the suffering (Dukkha)?

For example, you are pressurized to go to the toilet. Have to go to number one? Have to go to number two? Do you think it is unhappiness? Sometimes it is a must like having to go to take a shower. It is Dukkha that you have to be here in the temple.

Have you had this Dukkha? What is the cause? Why do you come here for suffering in the temple?

When you see the Dukkha, you see the cause of it. You see the Dukkha? Everyone will get older, be ill and die encounter coldness, heat and thirst, need clothes for wearing, have to clean yourself. Keep looking after your body all the time. Do you see Dukkha? When you are getting older, you may need medicine and supplementary foods.

Have you had an appointment with doctor every 3 months, every 5 months or every 8 months? That is ordinary (every day) and common (Dukkha) suffering (illness etc). For example, going to the toilet, eating food, drinking, including changing the posture of sitting, to the left and to the right.

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