An auspicions day and time for you

Whenever you think, speak and do good action this is an auspicious day and time for you. You can lift your state of mind and hence morality. Practicing meditation for 3 days is not enough to adjust the elements in your body including your emotional state. It is like curing the concrete on the road. It takes a while. When you do a meditation you need diligence, effort, dedication until you see the results. Sometimes you fail because you concentrate excessively, and you think too much. Your mind becomes distracted. When you concentrate too much without awareness. You do not learn and gain wisdom.

Vipassana means seeing things as they really are by observation, consideration and patience. This will develop wisdom. It is similar to studying you are not only memorizing but you have to observe and consider things that will ultimately turn to wisdom.

A meditation retreat is the way of viewing and seeing the truth an impermanent, suffering and non-self. When you can understand this then you will be free from attachments. You will be aware of what you are doing through meditation or walking. Insight meditation (Bhāvanā) means good actions from being mindful.

When the mind is concentrating and you are being mindful with determination it will create wisdom. It is similar to when you cut a rough diamond into a design that people want. The meditators are like rough diamonds that can be shaped.

When you are strong minded to practice meditation, your mind will change from anger, greed and delusion to kindness and wisdom. It should be done bit by bit with care and steadily Then you will see the results of it. Same as when you study you have to follow procedures then you will achieve your aims.

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