3 forms of making merits

There are 3 forms of making merit.

Firstly, making merit by giving (Dānā). Giving something needed for life. For instance, food, clothes and essential things. Give these things to others and they get benefit from it. This kind of merit is called Pañña Dānā (merit that comes from giving). We give to release the attachment from things that belong to us to others.

Secondly, we can make merit with regard to bodily and verbal actions by not to letting others down with your actions and words. False, malicious and harsh speech such as gossip can harm others. We can do good deeds by being careful with our bodily actions and what we say by not hurting people. This merit s called morality (Pañña Sīla). First precept is to refrain from killing. It means we don’t kill human life or any form of living things.

Finally, we can make merit from mental development (Bhāvanā). Our physical body is the base to do good actions. Doing good actions by insight meditation. This will release the attachment which causes suffering.

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