Funeral Service to a Former American Soldier

On September 18, 2021, Phrabhavanadhammabhirach (Ajarn Suphan), the Abbot of Wat Ram Poeng (Tapotaram) delivered a sermon at the funeral service of Colonel Ernest M. Nix in the second night at the Chalerm Phrakiat Spirit Development Center, Wat Ram Poeng (Tapotaram).

Funeral ceremony (handover flag) Colonel Ernest M. Nix at Wat Umong crematorium, 
Suthep Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province

Colonel Ernest M. Nix was born on June 29, 1952. He the older twin. Married for the first time with two sons, he served as a colonel. Until he had a chance to meet Mrs. Hathaithip Nix, his current wife. which is the sister of Nuamkhang Lapha, a nun of Wat Ram Poeng who are dedicated to help in the kitchen of the temple.

Khun Hathaithip and Colonel Nix have been married for 12 years but have no children. After retirement from military service Colonel Nix has been in Thailand for 7 years, helping with various public benefits. Did many things Supporting Buddhist activities that his wife respects. He had said to his wife that when he died, he had to perform a Buddhist ceremony as well. When Colonel Nix passed away from an acute myocardial infarction on August 6, 2021, the family held a funeral service for Colonel Nix as he wished.

Whether the deceased is Buddhist or not it’s no matter what nationality or religion it is. One can receive the same stream of merit that everyone has already dedicated to the deceased. If there is no merit to disturb the mind, those who attend the funeral themselves will also receive good merit that is clean and quality merit for the recipient as well.

After completing the religious ceremony, Mrs. Hathaithip Mix, along with relatives has hosted a car used in the funeral ceremony of Colonel Nix to the temple for further use. with Phrabhavanadhammaphirach (Ajarn Suphan) the Abbot of Wat Ram Poeng (Tapotaram) receiving mercy.

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