Vipassana Meditation Course

Wat Ram Poeng offers a 26-day basic course...

Wat Ram Poeng offers a 26-day basic course in Vipassana (Insight) Meditation under the guidance of a Teacher on an on-going basis. For meditators who have completed the basic course, a 10-day Insight Meditation retreat can be taken, which builds on the 26-day basic course.

For those who do not have time to join the full basic course, the Monastery offers the chance to try out the practice, but not for less than 10 days or more than 6 weeks, without special permission.

If you wish to join the Insight Meditation course offered here, please come to the administration office with your intentions, or contact us using one of the methods listed on the first page (telephone is best), and further arrangements can be made. Once you have received official permission, please prepare the following items:

Additional information;

10 to 26 days. Minimum of stay is 10 days.

»  Do not too worry. It’s not a job interview.

»  You need to show up at our place for an interview and registration 1 or 2 days before the check-in day. If you can’t come for the interview, we can’t accept you.

»  Office hours; 7 am – 5 pm. Lunch break is 10.30 am – noon, our office is closed. Choose your right time for the interview.

»  The interview & registration day is not the check-in day.

    1. A copy of signature page of your passport showing personal information and photo.*
    2. A copy of VISA ON ARRIVAL page which can be clearly seen its stamped of (1) Expire Date of Stay and (2) Point of Entry.*
    3. A copy of the departure card (T.M.6).*
    4. A passport-size photo.

** They can be photocopied on both sides in one paper.

»  It can be booked by email:

»  300 Baht for bed laundry and Opening & Closing Ceremony’s stuff. (White lotus, candles and incense sticks. No need to buy them for us. And you need to pay it one time only.)

»  There is no fixed charge, however your kind donation is essential for the ongoing support of the program. You can make a donation for the monastery on the last day of your program.

»  Electronic devices are not allowed to use during the course. They must be turned off, kept in our safe box and will be returned to you on the check-out day.

»  Smoking in monastery is illegal. Smokers are sadly refused to join the course.

**  Temple Authorities reserve the right to refuse entry, or to expel anyone in the case of disrespect regarding the rules or instructions.

» » Personal items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, towel, sandals, etc.)  Some essentials are available at the Temple Shop.