For people with back problems, and even headaches, finding a chiropractor may help. If you’re located in southern New Hampshire or north of Boston near Lawrence family chiropractic services are readily available. But, do you need chiropractic help? What exactly is chiropractic care?

Chiropractors are specialists who have learned how to adjust your spinal column to better your health. Many times, we suffer from bad posture, from neck pain. Our walking or work is affected. Chiropractors can help treat lower back and leg pain, neck pain, strains, some types of arthritis pain, sports injuries, headaches, and car accident injuries.

The chiropractor will normally consult with you about your pains and discomforts, and then let you know what he or she will do to help you with it. They will give you instructions as to how to lay and when to relax, etc.

They will probably poke and prod around your body to feel the joints and if they are placed correctly. Then, they will adjust them for you.

The adjustments are often short, quick movements that will put a joint into place. There may be the famous cracking sound, which is really just a release of a pressured gas that was building up in your joint. And, though in the moment it may be a little uncomfortable, normally, patients feel a very relieved and relaxed sensation afterwards.

It is very important to stay relaxed and not to worry, so that your muscles don’t prevent the joints from moving into place. You may experience a little bit of soreness afterwards, but this is normal and won’t last longer than a day.

Chiropractic therapy may sometimes also include hot or cold applications or creams that numb parts of the body. This may help you to heal more quickly, and alleviate pain.

Another method often used is stretching and exercises used to strengthen the back and other body parts so they can better stay in place and not have so many problems in the future.